Tooth Pain


Often tooth discomfort occurs (from a cavity) when chewing, brushing, cold or sweet foods/ drinks.

In these scenarios, pain can often be relieved by:

  • Clean the area well with brush/ floss.
  • Rinse area with over-the-counter rinse or warm salt-water.
  • Smear a bit of toothpaste on the tooth of concern can decrease sensitivity.

Please call to schedule an appointment for evaluation of the area of concern.

Indications the cavity may be into the nerve include:

  • Pain keeping child awake during the night.
  • Swelling or Draining Abscess (see pictures below)
  • Tylenol does not help discomfort.
  • Spontaneous or random pain.

These signs/ symptoms typically indicate the recommendation of interim antibiotic prescription and subsequent follow up with the doctor for evaluation.

draining abscess



We are always looking for the least invasive option to achieve dental health. A crown might become the best option if the patient has a lot of decay, abnormal formation of the tooth, pediatric root canal, or extreme sensitivity. If this is the case, I through options with the parents. Often I suggest a stainless steel crown which is durable and pre-formed in order to make the treatment process easier on the child.

-Dr. Jonny

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