Tooth coming in behind another tooth (Shark tooth)


This is a very common occurrence called “ectopic eruption”.  It simply means a tooth is erupting into the mouth in a different place in the arch.

If the baby teeth are mobile or nearly exfoliated, we typically let children wiggle the teeth out on their own.  If the permanent tooth is significantly erupted – and there is limited or no mobility in the baby tooth – the doctor will occasionally wiggle the baby tooth out to encourage improved eruption pattern.  Please call us for evaluation.


We are always looking for the least invasive option to achieve dental health. A crown might become the best option if the patient has a lot of decay, abnormal formation of the tooth, pediatric root canal, or extreme sensitivity. If this is the case, I through options with the parents. Often I suggest a stainless steel crown which is durable and pre-formed in order to make the treatment process easier on the child.

-Dr. Jonny

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