Cutting Edge Preventive Care at Montshire Pediatric Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
- Benjamin Franklin

We believe in that age-old quote! A preventative approach to oral health is so important and we feel strongly about helping our patients understand how to avoid more costly and invasive treatment down the road. We want to assist in laying a foundation for a lifelong healthy smile.

Tooth decay is the number one infectious disease in the United States. And while childhood caries are extremely important to manage, there are many other concerns for children such as atypical growth patterns and issues with developing gums. Regular preventative dental visits, education and prevention plans are all part of a proactive approach to great oral health in childhood and beyond.

“Great dentistry is a team sport. Over the long term, healthy teeth require a strong partnership between child, parents, and dentist. I take the time to learn about each child’s diet, family history, and hygiene habits. I use physical exams and radiographs to make sure development is healthy, apply fluoride treatment to strengthen the teeth, and work with the family to create a plan for ongoing dental habits. Our goal is to see your child only for routine visits – that is my definition of true success in pediatric dental health. ”

Dr. Colin - Pediatric Dentist, Co-Founder

We are about more than teeth.

At Montshire Pediatric Dentistry, we take a “whole child” approach to oral health. A healthy mouth has a direct impact on several areas of the developing child’s life such as nutrition intake, developing speech patterns, self-esteem, and full body health. Additionally, tooth decay in primary (baby teeth) can affect the permanent tooth that is developing under the baby tooth.

A cooperative approach

We are passionate about educating our parents and patients. We work cooperatively with our families to develop a comprehensive prevention plan for each child. At each preventive visit, Dr. Norris and his team will also discuss how things are going at home and offer any help needed for new home care routines or answer any questions. You can be assured that there is always enough time for your questions.

What we do at your child's visit.

  • Discuss risk factors for decay such as diet, family history, and home hygiene habits.
  • Review all radiographs and pictures looking for atypical growth patterns, crowding, spacing or eruption concerns and of course any visible tooth decay.​
  • Review recommended home hygiene habits with parent and child. As the child’s dexterity and understanding develop, we will take the time to show them the techniques they can now do as a “big kid”. Our goal is to guide them towards good brushing and flossing habits that they will eventually do independently.
  • Perform a preventative cleaning.
  • Administer fluoride treatment to help prevent future decay and strengthen the teeth.​
  • Provide various treatment options for any dental concerns identified.
  • Work together with parents to develop a personalized plan for optimal oral health including diet, home care, supplementation or keeping an eye on any dental conditions.

How often should we see your child?

Because children grow and change so fast, we recommend that your child visit our office once every six months. There are occasions where our team may recommend more frequent visits if there is a high risk for caries or developmental concerns.

We know that the experience a child has at the dentist will affect them forever. Because of that, Dr. Norris and our team will always take the time each child needs to ensure they are leaving with not only a healthy smile but a happy one as well.