Dental Emergencies


Injuries to the mouth and teeth often need to be addressed immediately. Getting to the office quickly may save a tooth, prevent infection and reduce suffering. Please call us if your child has:

  • tooth pain
  • a fractured or knocked-out tooth
  • swollen or infected gums; or
  • other mouth pain or concerns

Leaving issues untreated or delaying treatment can contribute to poor oral health and other serious health issues. The sooner you seek evaluation at our office, the better the chance of avoiding more extensive dental treatments and the faster your child will be back to their smiling, happy, active self.


Dental emergencies can be nerve-racking for children and their parents. We are trained and experienced in helping children feel comfortable when these unfortunate circumstances occur. We always stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines to ensure your child is getting the best possible care. 

-Dr. Colin

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