Dental X-Rays at Montshire Pediatric Dentistry

Digital Radiographs

When your child comes in for a cleaning, we also do a visual examination of their teeth, gums, and even the development of facial structure. However, there is only so much the naked eye can see. For example, there can be decay hiding between the teeth that a visual exam cannot find. It is also important for us to look at the development of the bones, the teeth below the gumline, and the adult teeth that are waiting in line. For those things, we need x-ray vision!

Committed to Excellence: Our Investment in Digital Radiography

At Montshire Pediatric Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing the best dental care through our investment in state-of-the-art digital radiography. This advanced technology offers numerous benefits for your child's dental health, including enhanced comfort, reduced radiation exposure, and greater accuracy. Here's how our digital radiography sets us apart:

  • An easier, less intimidating, and more comfortable imaging experience. Digital radiographs offer a significantly more comfortable experience for children compared to traditional X-rays. The process involves using smaller, more flexible sensors, roughly the size of a postage stamp, instead of bulky film. These sensors fit comfortably in your child's mouth, similar to how a small piece of candy or a chewing gum strip would feel. This minimizes discomfort and makes the dental visit more pleasant for kids of all ages.
  • Less radiation than a day spent outdoors. One of the most critical advantages of digital radiographs is the reduced exposure to radiation. Digital X-rays require up to 90% less radiation than conventional film X-rays, making them a much safer option for your child. Digital X-rays are so safe in fact, that the ADA now recommends against the use of lead aprons when conducting detal x-rays. Learn more about the updated ADA guidance on lead aprons here.
  • Higher definition imagery for a higher quality of care. Digital radiographs provide superior accuracy and detail compared to traditional methods. The high-resolution images can be viewed immediately on a computer screen, allowing for precise diagnosis and treatment planning. This accuracy helps in detecting dental issues early, leading to more effective and timely interventions. Moreover, the images can be easily enhanced, enlarged, and shared with other dental specialists if needed, ensuring comprehensive care for your child's oral health​​​​.

What to Expect

Getting x-rays as a child used to be pretty intimidating and uncomfortable, luckily times have changed. We use small digital sensors that are more comfortable for our young patients. Our dental team is well-trained and will explain everything in terms your child will understand so they know exactly what is going on and there are no surprises. It can actually be a really fun part of their visit in our office because the digital x-rays pop up on the computer immediately after being taken and your child can see their “little kid” teeth and even their “big kid” teeth that are still hiding.