Digital Radiographs



When your child comes in for a cleaning, Dr. Norris will also do a visual examination of all their teeth, their gums, and even the development of facial structure. However, there is only so much the naked eye can see. For example, there can be decay hiding between the teeth that a visual exam can’t find. Also, it is important to look at the development of the bones, the teeth below the gumline and the adult teeth that are waiting in line. For those things, we need x-ray vision!


A dental diagnosis made without x-rays is much like a mechanic trying to tell you what’s wrong with your car but he never opened the hood. We want to ensure that we are looking at your child’s developing oral health from every angle and digital radiographs are the very best way for us to do that. We want to find cavities as soon as possible and make sure gums and bones are developing correctly. Digital radiographs allow us to see things we are just not able to with a visual examination alone.


We completely understand a parent's concern about their child's exposure to radiation. X-ray technology has come a long way and digital x rays expose the patient to about 90% less radiation than traditional film radiographs. In fact, they expose patients to less radiation in one visit than a short, one-hour plane ride or even a chest x-ray. Basically, we are exposed to more radiation in a year of daily living compared to two dental visits with x rays per year. For added safety, a lead apron is still used during the x-rays reducing the exposure even more.


We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art digital radiography equipment. It creates an easier, less intimidating experience for your child. This process also results in 3 – 4x’s less radiation exposure for your children, all while creating more accurate imaging!



Getting x-rays as a child used to be pretty intimidating and uncomfortable, luckily times have changed. Digital x-ray sensors are much smaller than those used for film and much easier to get in the right position so it takes much less time to get a great image.

Our dental team will explain everything in terms your child will understand so they know exactly how many pictures we need to take and there are no surprises. It can actually be a really fun part of their visit in our office because the digital x-rays pop up on the computer immediately after being taken and your child can see their “little kid” teeth and even their “big kid” teeth that are still hiding.

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