Dental Extractions at Montshire Pediatric Dentistry

Dental Extractions

We will visit every treatment option possible before suggesting the extraction of a tooth. However, there are times when even a root canal or filling won’t save the tooth and it needs to be removed. If a tooth extraction is needed, we want to make the treatment experience as calm and stress free as possible for both parent and patient.

“After trying other treatments, it may be evident that a tooth extraction is the only remaining option. In a case like this, I strive to make it the most positive experience possible for your child. We always use the least invasive, least painful, and easiest extraction method possible. Years of experience in behavior guidance, along with a well-trained team, allow us to make the experience as comfortable as possible.”

Dr. Jonny - Pediatric Dentist, Co-Founder

There are different types of tooth extractions.

We utilize our years of experience and knowledge in behavior guidance to make the visit as comfortable as possible. Often a tooth can be 'put to sleep' without the child feeling a thing (with the use of topical anesthetic). Nitrous Oxide is another tool in our toolkit to help children relax.

What to expect.

Helping both parent and child know exactly what to expect is so important for ensuring a positive experience. That’s why we will spend time going over exactly what to expect before the procedure so that we can eliminate as much fear as possible. In explaining to our young patients, we use words that are age-appropriate in order to communicate concepts in a gentle way.

Home care after a tooth extraction is very important. There may be some lingering soreness and/or swelling. Over the counter pain relievers can be used along with an ice pack for any inflammation. We want to protect that area for a time so a soft-food diet and no brushing or flossing for 24 to 48 hours will help make sure healing gets off to a great start. The body will form a blood clot where the tooth used to be. To make sure that blood clot stays in place, it is important to keep your child from spitting and no drinking through a straw for a few days after the tooth extraction. We will send you home with aftercare instructions to answer all your questions.