Dental Crowns at Montshire Pediatric Dentistry

Stainless Steel Crowns

Crowns, (or caps as some people refer to them) are a protective shell-like covering cemented to the tooth. Dental crowns protect and strengthen a tooth that may have been compromised by:

  • Large Decay
  • Malformation​
  • Extreme Sensitivity

Crowns are much easier to place on baby teeth as compared to permanent teeth. Our doctors have placed thousands of crowns; they are experts at finding the right shape and fit.

Baby crowns are prefabricated to mirror the shape and size of the natural tooth; they cover the entire tooth to result in a nearly 100% success rate and help guide the permament teeth into place. Often, stainless steel crowns can be placed without the need for numbing or drilling. This technique is called the "Hall Crown" and creates a more comfortable treatment option for your child.

“We are always looking for the least invasive option to achieve dental health. A crown might become the best option if the patient has a lot of decay, abnormal formation of the tooth, pediatric root canal, or extreme sensitivity. If this is the case, I thoroughly discuss all options with parents. Often I suggest a stainless steel crown which is durable and pre-formed in order to make the treatment process easier on the child.”

Dr. Jonny - Pediatric Dentist, Co-Founder

Why do you use stainless steel?

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials - however - for over sixty years, stainless steel has been the preferred material used in pediatric dentistry - especially for molars (back teeth) which is where they are most often needed. Occasionally, stainless steel crowns are placed on permanent molars - however -other materials are usually used for adult teeth for cosmetic reasons.

Stainless steel is extremely durable making it a great choice for children. The crowns are thin which allow for minmally invasive techniques to be used that preserve the natrual tooth structure. This makes for easier, shorter, and more comfortable appointments for our young patients.

Do stainless steel crowns have mercury?

No. It is widespread knowledge that the dental fillings of yesteryear (amalgam) contain mercury, however, stainless steel crowns do not. Stainless steel is a composite of nickel, iron, and chromium making them completely non-toxic.