Broken Baby Tooth


A chipped tooth into enamel or dentin is common. 

Be sure to look for nerve exposure (appearance of a red dot).

No nerve exposure:

Keep the tooth clean to prevent plaque build-up.  Smearing fluoride toothpaste onto exposed dentin and decrease any sensitivity.  Schedule a visit with us; typical treatment involves smoothing any sharp areas or occasional application of desensitizing medication.  White fillings are an option – but are rarely recommended on baby tooth depending on the size/ location.

Nerve exposure noted:

For baby teeth, if the nerve is exposed, please call us to schedule a visit ASAP.



We are always looking for the least invasive option to achieve dental health. A crown might become the best option if the patient has a lot of decay, abnormal formation of the tooth, pediatric root canal, or extreme sensitivity. If this is the case, I through options with the parents. Often I suggest a stainless steel crown which is durable and pre-formed in order to make the treatment process easier on the child.

-Dr. Jonny

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