Avulsion of Permanent Tooth


  • Find the tooth and avoid picking it up by the root; instead pick it up by the white part.
  • If the tooth is dirty, gently clean in milk, saline, or saliva and try to replant the tooth into the jaw.
  • Bite on a towel or something soft to hold in position.
  • If self-replantation is not possible, place the tooth in a storage solution quickly (e.g. Milk, HBBS, saliva, saline).
  • Seek emergency dental treatment immediately.


We are always looking for the least invasive option to achieve dental health. A crown might become the best option if the patient has a lot of decay, abnormal formation of the tooth, pediatric root canal, or extreme sensitivity. If this is the case, I through options with the parents. Often I suggest a stainless steel crown which is durable and pre-formed in order to make the treatment process easier on the child.

-Dr. Jonny

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