Understanding Knocked Out Adult Teeth with Montshire Pediatric Dentistry

Knocked Out Permanent Tooth (Avulsion)

Tooth avulsion refers to the complete displacement of a tooth from its socket due to trauma. This is a dental emergency that requires immediate attention, especially when it involves a permanent tooth.

Immediate steps to take.

  • Find the Tooth: Locate the avulsed tooth as soon as possible. Handle it carefully by the crown (the white part) and avoid touching the root to prevent further damage.
  • Clean the Tooth: If the tooth is dirty, gently rinse it with milk, saline, or saliva. Avoid using water, as it can damage the cells on the root surface that are necessary for successful replantation. Do not scrub or use soap. ​
  • Replant the Tooth: If possible, try to replant the tooth into its socket immediately. Ensure it is facing the right way and press it gently into place. Have your child bite down on a soft cloth or towel to help hold the tooth in position.
  • Storage Solutions: If replanting the tooth is not possible, place it in a suitable storage medium. Options include: milk which keeps the cells alive for a short period, saline solution when milk is not available, and saliva (have your child spit into a container) if other solutions are not available.
  • Seek Immediate Dental Treatment: Contact Montshire Pediatric Dentistry or visit the nearest emergency dental clinic as soon as possible. The sooner the tooth is reimplanted, the better the chances for successful reattachment.

What to expect during the dental visit.

Upon arrival, our dental team will:

  • Assess the injury and take necessary X-rays to check the condition of the surrounding bone and any other dental damage.
  • Clean the socket and the tooth if it has been stored properly.​
  • Replant the tooth, if it has not been done already, and splint it to the adjacent teeth for stabilization.
  • Discuss follow-up care and monitor the tooth for signs of infection or complications.

The importance of quick action.

Prompt action and proper handling of an avulsed permanent tooth significantly improve the chances of saving the tooth. At Montshire Pediatric Dentistry, we are prepared to provide the urgent care needed in such emergencies to protect your child's dental health and smile.

If you experience a dental emergency or have any questions, please contact us immediately. Our team is dedicated to providing expert and compassionate care in all dental situations.