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    Pediatric Dentists in Henniker, NH

    A pediatric dentist is a specialist trained to work with your kids to provide exceptional, minimally invasive dental care, and to develop the oral hygiene practices that will last a lifetime. Our team is made up of pediatric dentists that take a different approach from mainstream family dentists. We treat your child as a unique person with their own unique traits, and we work with you and your child to create positive experiences to help them establish a commitment to ongoing dental care.


    Pediatric Dentistry Specialists For Henniker, NH

    What is different about taking your kids to a pediatric dentistry specialist instead of a family dentist? Pediatric Dentists go through more training focusing on identifying, diagnosing, and treating conditions particular to children. This intensive focus takes between 2 and 3 years to complete. The specialists at Montshire Pediatric Dentistry have the training and experience to provide Continuing Education credits to other practitioners and participate in training others in New Hampshire. Parents that bring their children to Montshire Pediatric Dentistry appreciate the skill and focus our dentists provide making for repeat regular visits and great outcomes for their kid’s teeth.

    We have created a comfortable, soothing and welcoming environment for kids and parents alike. A busy office with adults and kids in the same waiting room, “grown up” music playing in the background and a lot of adults in and out of the office can be intimidating. Studies show that when the environment is calming and welcoming it sets the tone for everything else in your kid’s dental care. When you experience our offices, you’ll see right away how different it is from other dental offices.

    Our experience includes infants, toddlers, and children with special needs. Each child is their own person, and we take an individual approach to your child’s dental care, just as we do with every child that visits our office, to promote and maintain proper dental care.

    Medicaid Kid's Dentist Henniker, NH

    Montshire Pediatric Dentistry accepts Medicaid, many types of dental insurance, and now, we have a self pay option that bundles the most important services, plus some exceptional additional benefits. That way, even if you are uninsured, you can provide exceptional dental care for your children. We are a leading provider among the few dentists accepting Medicaid in Henneiker, NH and the surrounding area.

    The Right Pediatric Dentist Can Change Your Children’s Future

    As your children grow from babies to toddlers, kids, and into their teen years their dentistry is constantly changing. That’s why working with a Pediatric Dentist is the best dental care your child can receive. A Pediatric Dentist is an expert with extensive training in the knowledge and skills necessary to protect your children’s oral hygiene.

    There is a myth that children don’t need to see a dentist or to take care of their teeth. The logic assumes that because kids lose their “milk teeth” and grow adult teeth, that the only thing they need is a visit from the tooth fairy. The first problem with this approach is that it disregards the fact that oral hygiene addresses the soft tissues of the mouth as well, not just the teeth. Kids can develop gingivitis, and it can become chronic in children. Gums can bleed, become puffy, and the bacteria and germs that cause chronic gingivitis can lead to other problems even more serious: gum recession, infections, cavities and more, leaving kids with deterioration of their oral health that carries over as their adult teeth come in.

    By developing a regular pattern of flossing, brushing and visiting the dentist one or two times per year, or as advised by your pediatric dentist, your children develop oral care behaviors and practices that they take with them through their teen years, on first dates and prom night, just as on every other day of the week. These practices carry on into college and into their professional careers. It’s the truth that everybody has a justification for not taking care of their teeth - work schedules, travel, test prep and more. It’s those that create a habit that end up with a pattern of care.

    In fact, your kid’s adult teeth begin to emerge around the age of six, and their molars come in between age 9 and 11. A full set of teeth are established by age 21. That’s a long time for kids to either develop consistency or to risk facing long term issues and the difficulty of going through invasive procedures.

    Our Pediatric Dentists recommend initiating oral care at 12 months and continuing with daily oral hygiene and dental visits on schedule throughout your child’s life.

    We see children at our Pediatric Dental office in Henniker, New Hampshire through their teen years to help establish a solid foundation for life-long dental care. Our Pediatric Dentistry has already changed the future for countless kids. We want your children to experience the same level of expert care.