At Montshire, EVERY CHILD IS WELCOME. We accept every child, regardless of their financial status.


We are the only pediatric dental practice in Sullivan County to accept Medicaid, and we are one of only two practices in Cheshire County. Even when offices do accept Medicaid, it is common practice to limit it to a certain percentage of patients. Universal acceptance is uncommon because pediatric dentists often receive 3 to 4 times higher payment from private insurance patients than from patients using Medicaid.

As Dr. Jonny, Dr. Colin, and Dr. Bryn are focused on serving the local community, they have decided that Montshire Pediatric Dentistry will not restrict our Medicaid offering in any manner. Every child is welcome and given the high quality dental care they deserve.

Membership Plan

We submit to all insurance companies and are happy to do a complimentary benefits check to help patients understand their dental insurance benefits.

To encourage prevention, health and wellness, we have created a unique, low cost membership plan by removing the middle man.

Please CLICK BELOW to learn more about our membership solution.

Our Mission

We believe that every child deserves high quality dental care, and long lasting dental health regardless of their ability to afford it. Dr. Jonny and Dr. Colin are dedicated to making a positive impact in their community through ensuring that all children, regardless of financial standing, have access to high quality dental care, with a focus on compassionate, state of the art preventive care.