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Our kids dentist clinic is just 20 minutes from Concord. With pediatric dental specialists so close, it just makes sense to visit our expert providers. And just because our dentists are pediatric experts doesn’t mean our clinic is exclusive. All children are welcome. Financial status is not a barrier. Dignity, compassion, and having a great dental experience while receiving expert dental care are our primary motivators. 


Concord New Hampshire Family Dentist

Families looking for a high-quality dentist to provide care for their children in the greater Concord, NH area, Montshire pediatric dentistry clinic should be on your shortlist. It’s the perfect place to start on the right path to oral health. Our offices are designed to create a welcoming and comfortable experience for kids and their families. Of course, we provide comprehensive dental care, including cleaning, dental exams, and dental treatment using as minimally invasive processes as possible based on the condition.

Our approach takes into account the whole child. That way we can address any anxiety or stress that arises in order to support confidence and sound oral hygiene. Parents and siblings are a big part of helping your child develop a healthy smile.

When should Concord parents plan their child’s first dental visit?

Oral hygiene starts young. A child should see a Concord area pediatric dental specialist by 12 months. Gum health, teething, and baby’s first tooth are all milestones along the development process, and it is important to make sure gum disease and tooth decay do not set in. Parents can begin the process of helping children develop a sense of routine in their oral health even before they say their first words.

Along with healthy dental practices, preventative care is the most important first step when your kids visit the dentist. to help kids avoid common oral health problems. Because of that, we are able to be as minimally invasive as possible and reduce the opportunity for cavities to form in the first place. Some family dentists emphasize “drill and fill” techniques, filling every cavity that forms, but many cavities can be stopped and even reversed so long as we intervene to kill bacteria and create the opportunity for remineralization before a cavity can become unresolvable without a filling.

Can Children in Hillsboro see the dentist before they are one year old?

A common myth says that children can wait don’t need dental care until their adult teeth come in. That false belief has led many kids to start with significant dental risk factors that can follow them throughout their life, increasing the number of dental interventions and their lifetime cost of dental care. Bacterial infections can set in and lay the groundwork for cavities, root canals, tooth replacement, and dentures.

Is there a sustainably focused dentist in Concord, NH?

Our offices, only 20 minutes from Concord, place a significant emphasis on sustainable practices wherever possible. The toothbrushes we give out are made from sustainably planted bamboo, and we use recyclable paper bags instead of plastic.

We also use the latest technology, including digital x-rays to reduce radiation exposure. The sealants we use are also stronger and longer lasting, without relying on polymers.

Start your kids out right on their oral health journey. You’ll be glad they develop practices that set them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

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