Our Mission STARTS With Our Team

We want our employees to remain happy, healthy and fulfilled, and part of that is providing a share in the results of our work. With a healthy profit share program, we earn together, not through upsells, but through providing the right care to become the go-to provider for child dentistry in our area.

Our team should be rested and ready for work. That’s why we include paid time off for our team so they can rest and recuperate. We look forward to hearing about our teams great “away” activities, whether that’s a camping trip to the woods, a visit to galleries and museums, or just some time at home.

We designed our building to reduce our impact in some ways and to increase it in others. Solar on the roof, bamboo toothbrushes, and refillable water bottle stations help us reduce our environmental footprint, while rooms designed for infant care and family presence during procedures increases our sense of community.

We are committed to a healthy, constructive work environment. Healthy people support healthy patients. That's our workplace motto. Part of that is providing robust professional development so each team member has the knowledge and skill to perform at their best.

Job Openings

We are always looking for talent!

Montshire Pediatric Dentistry is always open to bringing on new team members who share our vision. Send us an email at TeamMontshire@gmail or click below to explore joining our team.

Interested in learning more?

At Montshire Pediatric Dentistry we are always looking for great people to join the team. Our clinic specializes in infant and child dentistry with a focus on the health and wellbeing of the child and their family.

We have built our culture to support both patient and employee in healthy living. That has made Montshire Pediatric Dentistry a destination employer in our field. Let us know a little about you and we'll see if we have a job to match.

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