New Patient Exam


As a new patient, we want to welcome you and your child to our office. Our goal is to make your child feel comfortable in our office by gaining their trust and helping to alleviate their fears. Our kid-friendly staff is skilled at helping children have a positive experience.

At your child’s first exam, we ask you to stay with the child in the treatment room. During this visit, we will:

  • Review your child’s dental and health information
  • Take any necessary x-rays and thoroughly examine the teeth, gums, head and neck
  • Perform a professional dental cleaning
  • Demonstrate correct brushing and oral hygiene techniques
  • Discuss proper diet and nutrition
  • Determine a treatment plan, if needed

We’re happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. We want this first visit to be educational and fun for both you and your child.


We see the first exam as the start of a long-term relationship with each family. We are a team!

We focus on making it a positive experience for the child and ask the family to stay with them throughout the process. In addition to a thorough exam and cleaning, we work with children and parents to create a home hygiene & prevention plan – because what you do outside of our office is even more important to your dental health than what I do in the office!

-Dr. Jonny

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