Children's Pediatric Dentist White River Junction, VT

We believe in Benjamin Franklin's age old quote, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That’s why Montshire Pediatric Dentistry has introduced a children’s pediatric dentist to the White River Junction, VT area. We believe that all children deserve the comforting, positive dental care that a trained pediatric dentist can provide. We strongly believe that when a child's early and continuous pediatric dental visits and care are provided in a positive environment it can lead to a long lifetime of successful dental health. That’s why here at Montshire we partner with your children from infancy through adolescence, teaching them all of the tricks they need to prevent oral health issues before they arise.


Pediatric Dental Care For Children White River Junction, Vermont

Montshire offers pediatric dental care for the children of White River Junction, Vermont and surrounding areas. Here at Montshire Pediatric Dentistry we know a child's initial dental experiences will help to form their comfortably with dentists later in life. Make sure your child is receiving the type of positive, comforting care that will impact their dental future for the better. Choose to bring your child to the pediatric dentists at Montshire. Here at Montshire Pediatric Dentistry, our minimally invasive approach, state of the art facility and cutting edge technology set us aside from other pediatric dentists in the local area. Your child’s comfort is our number goal, always, and we have the team and equipment to provide.

Kid's Pediatric Dentist White River Junction

Children who visit a kid’s pediatric dentist, like White River Junction area’s Montshire Pediatric Dentistry from a young age have a leg up on their overall long term oral health. Kids who neglect to visit a dentist by their first birthday are at risk of serious dental problems such as cavities and gingivitis. Parents, protect our kid’s smile for the long run with Montshire Pediatric Dentistry. Introducing oral care to your children early on with a positive approach is proven to strengthen their long term dental health and that’s just what we do here at Montshire.

Pediatric Dentist That Accepts Medicaid White River Junction, VT

Parents, looking for a pediatric dentist that accepts Medicaid in the White River Junction, VT area? Look no farther. Montshire Pediatric Dentistry is just the place you have been looking for. With our limitation and restriction free Medicaid acceptance program, we work to ensure no child is left behind. At Montshire we believe all children deserve equal access to comforting, positive dental care from an early age. That's why we accept various types of insurance and offer payment plans for all families. Invest in the future of your child’s smile at an affordable rate with Montshire Pediatric Dentistry.

Pediatric Dentist White River Junction

The pediatric dentists serving White River Junction and surrounding areas at Montshire Pediatric Dentistry know just what it takes to help coach parents through their child's at home dental care routines. We believe that your child’s early and continuous dental care practice will help them to establish a lifetime of solid dental health. This includes the dental care your children practice at home! Guide your children down the path towards success with help from Montshire Pediatric Dentistry.

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