Children's Pediatric Dentist Newport, NH

At Montshire, we are children’s pediatric dentists supporting Newport, NH and surrounding children in their dental health journeys. Our number one goal is to teach the children around Newport, New Hampshire how to achieve maintainable oral health on their own. We do this by working with you, the parent to teach your child all of the tips and tricks they should practice at home. We believe that partnering with parents is pivotal in preventing tooth decay in young children. Together we can help promote long term oral health in the children of Newport, NH and surrounding areas.


Pediatric Dental Care For Children Newport, New Hampshire

Did you know that pediatric dental care for the children of Newport, New Hampshire and all other areas should begin as early as their first birthday? Children who begin their dental journey early on in life are shown to have more success with their long term oral health. At Montshire we offer dental care specifically to the children of Newport, NH and surrounding areas with a comforting, minimally invasive approach. We believe that your child’s initial dental experiences will affect their comfortably with dentists for the rest of their lives so we work hard to ensure each child has the best experience possible. Our state of the art facility, and cutting-edge equipment set us aside from all other dental care facilities for children in the Newport, NH area.

Kid's Pediatric Dentist Newport

Parents, are you looking for a kid’s pediatric dentist? Newport, NH area’s Montshire Pediatric Dentistry is just the place you’re looking for. Even children are at risk of oral health issues such as cavities and gingivitis. Bringing your kids to a pediatric dentist by their first birthday can help to prevent poor oral hygiene. At Montshire, we work to fight the current poor dental hygiene epidemic facing American children today. We help kids fight tooth decay before it starts by partnering with parents to help establish solid dental routines they can practice at home. Strengthen positive dental habits in your kids by bringing them to Montshire Pediatric Dentistry.

Pediatric Dentist That Accepts Medicaid Newport, NH

When children have equal access to dental care the entire community benefits. That’s our goal here at Montshire Pediatric Dentistry. And to make this possible, we are a pediatric dentist that accepts medicaid from all families in the Newport, NH area. At Montshire we ensure each and every child is treated with the dignity and compassion they deserve. We offer equal access to oral care for all children in our fight against tooth decay in American youth. To make oral health easier to achieve for all children we have no restrictions or limitations on Medicaid.

Pediatric Dentist Newport, NH

Montshire brings pediatric dentists to Newport, NH children. Our practice is pediatric dentistry, but our focus is always on the children of Newport, NH and surrounding areas. At Montshire, we make sure that your child’s initial dental visits are comforting and inviting because we believe that their first impressions will follow them for life. Choose a pediatric dentist like the doctors at Montshire Pediatric Dentistry to ensure your child has the most positive experience possible!

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