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At montshire we are children’s pediatric dentists serving Lebanon, NH and neighboring towns. We partner with the parents of Lebanon, New Hampshire to help their children develop maintainable oral practices to last a lifetime, in a comforting, positive environment. Benjamin Franklin said it best when he stated “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We feel strongly that Lebanon area children’s early, and continuous, pediatric dental intervention serves to establish and protect their long term dental health. To make this achievable, we partner with your child from the time they sprout teeth until they are teenagers, helping them to establish maintainable yet healthy oral hygiene practices.


Pediatric Dental Care For Children Lebanon, New Hampshire

Looking for pediatric dental care for your children? Lebanon, New Hampshire area’s Montshire Pediatric Dentistry is just the place you’ve been searching for. We are just the place to bring the children of Lebanon and surrounding towns for pediatric dental care. We know all of the up’s and down’s of dentistry, but children are our focus. At Montshire Pediatric Dentistry, we make sure each child’s dental experience is positive and comforting, leading them to want to continue successful oral hygiene practices throughout their lives. We achieve this with our minimally invasive approach, state-of-the-art facility, cutting edge equipment, and inviting staff. Instill healthy, long term dental practices in your children from the start with Montshire Pediatric Dentistry.

Kid's Pediatric Dentist Lebanon

Children who don’t visit a dentist, like the kid’s pediatric dentist serving the Lebanon area - Montshire Pediatric Dentistry - are at risk of serious oral decay and dental problems. Did you know that your child should visit the dentist by the time they are twelve months old? Many parents don’t know this and it’s causing an increasing number of children to develop serious dental issues such as gingivitis and cavities. You can protect your child’s long term oral health by visiting a pediatric kids dentist like Lebanon New Hampshire area’s Montshire Pediatric Dentistry. Because we believe that the best dental practices for kids should be taught with positivity, in a comforting manner, we partner with parents to strengthen these values.

Pediatric Dentist That Accepts Medicaid Lebanon

Montshire is one of the only pediatric dentists that accepts medicaid in the Lebanon, NH area. Our goal is powered behind our philosophy, every child is welcome. We believe that all children equally deserve the gift of a healthy smile. We also believe that all children deserve access to dental care that keeps their best intentions in mind, such as pediatric dental care from the one and only Monshire Pediatric Dentistry. At Montshire, we help you as parents, invest in the future of your child’s oral health all at an affordable rate. We have no limitations or restrictions on Medicaid payments. We also accept countless other insurance plans, and can work with you to arrange payment plans.

Pediatric Dentist Lebanon, NH

When children and parents partner together, healthy oral hygiene habits can be achievable. At Montshire, our pediatric dentists serving Lebanon, NH know just what it takes to coach parents down the path towards achieving solid dental practices that can last a lifetime. Our pediatric dentists are trained to provide comforting dental care to your children because we believe positive experiences build confidence later in life.

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