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Parents, are you looking for a kids dentist, known as a pediatric dentist in Brattleboro Vermont? Add Montshire Pediatric Dentistry to your list. We are regional pediatric dentists who take a different approach. We treat every child as a unique person and work with you and your child to establish an early history of positive experiences at the dentist’s office.


Pediatric Dentistry Specialists For Brattleboro

Before bringing their kids to Montshire Pediatric Dentistry, many parents have asked our staff why they should take their children to a pediatric dentistry specialist for their Brattleboro children. Why not a family dentist? Compared to other children’s dentists, Pediatric Dentists (such as our doctors at Montshire) undergo an additional 2 - 3 years of intensive training focused on diagnosing and treating conditions particular to children.

In addition, a busy office with “grown-ups” rushing around can be intimidating. At Montshire, we create a welcoming space for kids. We understand infants, toddlers, adolescents and children with special needs. Your child is his or her own person, and we respond to each to help promote and maintain proper dental care.

Medicaid Kid’s Dentist Brattleboro

Montshire Pediatric Dentistry accepts Medicaid and many types of insurance. It’s our practice not to turn any kids away. Even if you are uninsured, we have payment plans to assure your kids get the best pediatric dentistry in our area. We are one of the only Medicade accepting kid's dentists in Brattleboro, VT and surrounding towns.

Pediatric Dentistry Changes Your Children’s Future

Pediatric dentistry is the best dental care your kids can receive. Some parents think that children don’t need to take care of their teeth until their adult teeth come in. Did you know that chronic gingivitis is common in children, causing gums to become puffy and bleed? This can lead to other problems, including gum recession, cavities and overall dental deterioration. Early development of consistent dental care, including flossing, brushing and regular dental visits create a pattern that can lead solid dental practices to last a lifetime.

In addition, did you know that adult teeth start to come in at age six and molars come in between age 9 and 11? Most adults have their full set of teeth by age 21. If a child were to wait until their adult teeth fully came in, it could be catastrophic for their long term dental health. We recommend beginning dental care at 12 months and maintaining regular dental visits throughout your child’s life.

Our pediatric dentists see Brattleboro, VT kids all the way through their teen years to help them with their dental care every step of the way. Montshire offers pediatric dentistry that changes your children's future. We want all of the kids that come to us to develop solid dental care practices so they can pass those on to their kids one day.

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