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Parents of kids living in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, what do you want in a family dentist? At Montshire Pediatric Dentistry, we take a whole-child approach to dental care and oral health. We provide comprehensive dental care and treatment options, plus, we build confidence and family support systems to make oral health an everyday part of your family routine. No matter what challenges your child may face with their teeth, we can help them claim their smile. 

You might wonder why children need to start seeing a dentist as early as 12 months. When parents start a healthy dental routine for gums and teeth as they come in, they lay the groundwork for sound practices to come. Kids actually love coming to Montshire Pediatric Dentistry because we create a comfortable environment for each child and the whole family. We also include parents in the whole process. Dental care isn’t just something a dentist does to a patient.  Parents are at the center, teaching future generations good oral hygiene techniques that can last a lifetime. 


Leading Pediatric Dentists in Hopkinton, New Hampshire

When kids from Hopkinton, New Hampshire visit our office we make sure that they are welcomed and treated with kindness. Our dentists started this practice to ensure the best possible experience for everyone who walks through those doors - no matter what their financial situation may be. No child is turned away.

Our office in Henniker is only 10 minutes away from Hopkinton, so stop by and give our dental office a look. Our staff will provide an overview of our dental care packages and to schedule an appointment.

Can Children in Hopkinton see the dentist before they are one-year-old?

There’s a common myth that kids don’t need dental care until their adult teeth come in, but in fact, dental problems can start much earlier than that. Periodontal gum disease can be far more significant than people realize; it doesn't just involve puffy or bleeding gums. The condition starts out as an infection in your mouth which may cause no symptoms at all - but if left untreated creates the environment for bacteria to grow that lead to tooth decay, gum recession, and cavities.

Sustainable Kid’s Dentist in Hopkinton, NH

We're committed to practicing sustainability whenever possible. We make sure that our toothbrushes are made from sustainably grown bamboo, and come in recyclable paper bags instead of plastic ones. Plastic takes more than 1000 years to break down, and, when it enters the soil and waterways, it can cause problems on the microbial level long before it breaks down completely.

We also are committed to utilizing the latest technology and science in creating dental care routines. We use cutting-edge technology like digital radiography to create better images and reduce exposure to radiation. Our office utilizes natural glass sealants that work better than resins or polymers because they're stronger against decay while retaining long-lasting protection. We also use hospital-grade sterilization protocols. This reduces the risk of microbes making it through the heat cycle on traditional autoclave machines.

When you're looking for a pediatric dentist who focuses on the whole person and who follows professional practices that exceed the norms and practices of the profession, think Montshire Pediatric Dentistry. Our entire team is here to support you and your children to create happy, healthy smiles.

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